My Black Parade

WARNING: I will be talking about suicidal ideation, suicide, self harm, ┬ádeath, depression, and mental disorders in general in this post. If you are triggered by any of these things do not read this post. The worst part of having a disease or some sort of disability is probably the pills or the drugs you … Continue reading My Black Parade


I’ve been having a lot of interesting dreams, and there seems to be a common theme between a few them, heroes. Everyone I think has a hero, just someone to look up to and has had a major impact in their life. A few heroes in my life, and they have all taught me something … Continue reading Heroes

Another Return

Again, it’s been a long time since I have written anything. I am going to try to be more frequent now that I am almost like a whole new person. Therapy has been a huge helper, and a game changer in my life. Also being a psychology major gives you a bigger and different perspective … Continue reading Another Return